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Elevate your kids' experiences with our themed luxury sleepovers and spa parties. We transform ordinary days into extraordinary memories, offering enchanting moments and a treasure trove of activities for girls and boys in Long Island and New York City.

A little girl in a pink shirt is throwing confetti
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Unleash Enchantment: Elevate Your Celebration with Up Parties' Magical Slumber and Spa Experiences!

At Up Parties, we redefine children's celebrations with a touch of magic, offering enchanting sleepovers, spa adventures, or the perfect blend of both. Here's why you should choose us to bring your child's dream celebration to life:

Chic. Simple. Refined.

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Unique Magic Experience

We understand that every child seeks a unique magic experience. With Up Parties, you can choose between whimsical sleepovers, spa escapades, or a customized combination, ensuring a celebration that perfectly reflects your child's dreams.

Luxury and Sophistication

Our commitment to luxury and sophistication sets us apart. Experience a seamless blend of chic minimalism and spa elegance, creating visually delightful events that introduce children to stylish and playful relaxation.

Diverse and Unforgettable Themes: Explore a kaleidoscope of themes meticulously crafted to provide unique and unforgettable experiences. Whether your child dreams of a magical sleepover, a soothing spa setting, or a combination of both, our diverse themes promise to captivate and create lasting memories.

Meticulous Magic for Little Dreamers

We pay attention to every detail, ensuring that your child's event sparkles with wonder. From charming decor to plush bedding and kid-friendly spa accessories, experience an event that radiates the magic of childhood, sophistication, and undeniable style.

Playful Spa Fun for Little Explorers

Introduce your kids to the world of spa play with age-appropriate activities such as facemasks and nail art. Our spa adventure is designed exclusively for little ones, adding a delightful touch to their sleepover haven.

Stress-Free Planning

Booking with Up Parties is a breeze, allowing you to focus on creating magical moments. Our seamless process ensures stress-free planning, making the journey toward your child's enchanting celebration a delightful experience.

Choose Up Parties and let us walk you through an extraordinary celebration that transcends the ordinary. With magical themes, whimsical charm, meticulous details, and spa playfulness, we guarantee a memorable experience that exceeds every expectation. Book with us, and let the enchantment unfold with Up Parties!

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